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Player Representation

Match World offer professional representation and advice to Football Players. We pride ourselves on being not just good agents but being professional football Consultants. We will assess you as a player and develop you into athlete’s. Match World services include negotiating contracts, representation, media/public relations, disciplinary procedures and image rights. With the legal experience that Match World has all issues can be looked at by us without asking for outside help. We know the law.

Match World Agents are fully qualified and insured to act and advise on all aspects of the game. At Match World we work hard to help the players to reach their true potential both physical and mental. Match World will take care of all the issues that occur off the pitch leaving the player to concentrate on his game. We believe that we have found the perfect bond between player and agent both being 100% committed to the success of the player. We understand that any football career can be short lived and that is why Match World are committed to the player reaching his true potential as soon as he can.

It is only through honest appraisal that a player can develop and reach the highest level of his game. Match World will do all it can to manage those expectations.

A wrong decision could be the end of a career before it has had chance to flourish. Match World are on your side. We want you to win. We have the ability to help players at every stage of their career or development, from finding the right Club to negotiating terms of an existing contract. The contacts that we have in the game are unmatched by any other agency.

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