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Indian Super League – Successful First Season

While many were questionable and unsure of the Indian Super League when the league was first announced. Many believed the buzz would not last and top players in the world would stick to playing in more established leagues such as the Premier and Champions League. To the surprise of many of the doubters, the inaugural season for the Indian Super League turned out to be a great one. Many of the teams are owned by actors and cricket stars of India including Sachin Tendulkar, John Abraham and many more. 

Big Weekend in Football

This weekend is expected to be fascinating one in the football world. With games with heavy implications on the line, clubs are beginning to feel the pressure and nerves must be kicking in. One slip up by any top tier club can have them tumbling down in ranking and potentially out of contention depending on their league standings. With many club games on queue, there are still several of international matches to be played, including England. Let’s focus on the international matches to be played. Top international teams are also wavering on squads to play, for many these are the first games together, full strength since the World Cup. Many decisions are to be made before the weekend starts including some head scratching moves on the part of England.